San Francisco Parks: Urban Oasis for the Busy Souls

February 17, 2017 - 1 minute read

Forget the city! These parks in San Francisco are highly captivating and engaging for all the nature lovers and health conscious people here.

If you are fond of flowers and wildlife, Bayview Park has lots to offer! Incredible views from the park include the Golden Gate Bridge. The trails are steep at times and therefore it can be strenuous.

Mission Bay Park is a good park in your neighborhood where you can take your dogs for a long walk. Taking a trip on the 1/3 mile walk or run loop feels great during office breaks. Kayak rentals are also available here. Basketball, volleyball and tennis enthusiasts are highly encouraged to visit this park as there are spots for all of them to enjoy!

Visit Glen Canyon Park which has plenty of hidden trails. Hike amidst flowers, grass and trees. From novice to pro- hikers, there are several trails catering to everyone’s level. This dog-friendly park will give you both some privacy to run, jog and have fun!

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