Fun Fall Activities near San Francisco

September 19, 2017 - 1 minute read

Summer is finally coming to an end but the fun continues in the fall! But looking for fun fall activities near San Francisco can be difficult. Here is a list of activities near San Francisco that you’ll love to do with friends or family this fall season!


Explore all the different activities and subjects that are taught at Exploratorium! Spend an adventurous day with friends or family trying out different experiments like Moire Patterns, glow up, feeling pressured, and finding the sweet spot! Be apart of creative activities and learn a variety of subjects at Exploratorium!

Golden Gate Park:


The Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is another great fall activity! Visit one of largest urban parks in the country and plan the perfect weekend with family or friends. This park is filled with fun activities such as boating, bicycling, museums, gardens, and playgrounds. Pack a delicious lunch and take a seat anywhere in the beautiful park and enjoy everything this park has to offer.

Although summer is ending, the fun activities still continue in the fall! Start your fall season off by planning a perfect weekend exploring and enjoying either of these fun fall activities near San Francisco!

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