Friday Night Destinations just for You

November 16, 2016 - 1 minute read

Fridays can be eventful even if you don’t party all night. Check out these Friday night destinations in your city designed to relax and rewind after a busy week.

If you are fond of arts, Bayview Opera House on 4705 3rd St is where you should be. Diverse,
and high quality arts education along with cultural programs and community events will boost your weekend spirit.

Dogpatch WineWorks features weekend tasting room with rotating tables. Located on 2455 3rd St, this place has an urban setting where you can also enjoy various events taking place.

Though Terra Gallery & Event Venue is an event space, you can simply visit the open gallery to appreciate some of the best paintings by renowned artists.

Join your kids at Contemporary Jewish Museum on 736 Mission St. This art museum hosts entertaining events for both teens and their families. Share your art and ideas and have an enlightened weekend ahead.

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