Celebrate the arrival of Spring at these Parks in San Francisco

March 10, 2017 - 1 minute read

Windy trails, stunning views, wildflowers and lovely company! What else can make the outdoors tempting? Celebrate the arrival of spring at these parks in San Francisco.

John McLaren Park is the second largest park in this city. It spreads across 312 acres and features golf course, playground, pool, picnic area and amphitheater. Scenic meadows, grasslands and wetland habitat makes this park fun and lively. Explore native plants and wildlife while you enjoy the 7 mile walking trail around this park.

Other than excellent views and hiking trails, Corona Heights Park also features wildflowers throughout the year! Stay away from the poisonous oak and other harmful plants. Have a relaxed time at this park with your family and pets.

Strap your boots for Lands End featuring waterfront hiking amidst wildflowers and shipwreck views! Sutro Bath ruins is accessible through this park. Grassy picnic areas offer the best retreat from this bustling city.

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